YG Launch The Second Generation of Compact, Efficient, Economical 12W-96W LP Series LED Driver


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YG Launch The Second Generation of Compact, Efficient, Economical 12W-96W LP Series LED Driver

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  • Time of issue:2011-11-17
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YG Launch The Second Generation of Compact, Efficient, Economical 12W-96W LP Series LED Driver

Through YG technical staff for one year's efforts, we developed a second generation of 12W, 20W, 25W, 35W, 40W, 50W, 75W, 96W LP Series LED drive, which is compact, efficient and economical. The second generation is following the LPS series, LAG series and LY series. When we launch the second generation constant current and constant voltage, economical LED driver, it enhances YG’s product competitiveness. That also meets the market requirement for economical constant current LED driver.

The conversion efficiency of 12W-50W LP Series LED driver using QR and PSR technology, up to 91%, significantly reduced volume, cost and the internal temperature rise of the product. That also can improve the life of the product.
The high efficiency and low temperature rise character of LP Series LED driver make the life of the products is 1.5 times higher than similar LED product life.
The density of LP series LED driver reach to 0.35W/cm3, which is twice as the same power level of the first generation LED driver. That can significantly reduce the cost of the product's case, the glue dosage and other major components’ cost.
LP series LED driver adopt Active PFC technology. On the full load condition, the PF reach 99% at 120Vac, PF reach 97% at 230Vac and THD<15%.
LP series LED driver using plastic case, is potted by silicon, which can reduce the internal temperature rise and the failure rate of the product.
LP series LED driver adopt homogenized temperature design, so that the life of these series products reaches more than 100,000 hours. The highest life reaches to 175,000 hours.
LP series LED driver has a wide input voltage range of 90-305V. That can meet 277V±10% of North-American commercial application of a single-phase power demand. Starting-up time <1s, THD<15%, which meet the DLC standard.
LP series LED driver have 8 series, respectively LP12W, LP20W, LP25W, LP35W, LP40W, LP50W, LP75W and LP96W. LP75W and LP96W have three input wire. This two series has fixed wire to connect the ground. It also can tolerate the surge 6KV test of the industry rank (EN61000-4-5), that is suited to outdoor lighting requirement.
The max output current for LP series LED driver is 8.33A, max output voltage is 285V, included constant current and constant voltage.
LP series LED driver adopt natural cooling technology, it can work at -30℃~60℃ temperature range. That can meet the indoor and outdoor of working environment requirement for their customers throughout the world. 
LP series LED driver has short circuit protection, overload protection, over voltage protection, over current protection and soft start function. Ensure reliable use of the product.
LP series LED driver comply with UL8750, EN61347-1, EN61347-2-13 standard and EMC class B standard. The product apply to LED streetlight, LED tunnel light, LED spotlight, outside LED electronic billboards, LED decorative light and outdoor or indoor LED light. Additionally, the product is very suitable for outdoor industrial place, which need dustproof and high humidity resistance.
       The case size of LP12W series:76mm(L)×31mm(W)×25mm(H)
       The case size of LP20W series:Φ69mm×25mm(H)
       The case size of LP25W series:85mm(L)×35mm(W)×25mm(H)
       The case size of LP35W series:95mm(L)×41mm(W)×25mm(H)
       The case size of LP40W series:Φ80mm×25mm(H)
       The case size of LP50W series:135mm(L)×43mm(W)×25mm(H)
       The case size of LA75W series:155mm(L)×53mm(W)×35mm(H)
       The case size of LA96W series:161mm(L)×61mm(W)×38mm(H)

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