high voltage LED driver will become mainstream


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high voltage LED driver will become mainstream

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  • Time of issue:2012-06-04
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high voltage LED driver will become mainstream


Abstractlow cost and high efficiency LED lighting technology is always the pursue goal for industry. YG use a new technology, which not only meet isolation type, ultra-high efficient high-voltage driver, but also meet the power factor more than 95% and THD less than 20% for DLC standard. Its efficiency can reach 93%. These can supply guarantee for upcoming high voltage LED lighting fixture.

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The reason why LED high power lamp beads lighting market tempt everyone's appetite and attract so many people attention is the following three aspects:

First: it has a big market.

Second: The initial year of LED high power lamp bead lighting market is coming in the end of this year or early next year. That means LED lamp bead lighting fixture occupy the total lighting fixture percentage more than 10%.

Third: The market of Incandescent, Fluorescent lamps and Energy-saving lamps is monopolized by GE, PHILIPS and OSRAM few suppliers. Today the production of these high-power lighting suppliers of LED lighting accounts for only about 10% of all lamps. That means LED high-power lighting fixture is not the monopolized market. Everybody still have opportunity.

 Merely, most LED chip suppliers face danger. That's because nowadays the low voltage LED chips are more and more difficult to sale into LED high-power lamp bead manufactures. Why? Because high voltage LED lamp bead appear, high voltage LED lamp bead has two more obviously competitive advantage than low voltage LED lamp bead.

FirstOn the same output power condition, high voltage LED lamp require drive current lower than low voltage LED lamp. For example, high voltage is 4W for CREE LED lamp of XLampXM-LHVW. its forward voltage is 100V, that means it only require 40mA drive current to output 4W power, while the common forward voltage is 3V of 1W LED lamp, then it require 350mA drive current to output 1W power, therefore, the same output power high voltage LED lamp power dissipation in the work is far lower than the low-voltage LED lamp. That means the cost of the heat dissipating aluminium shell can be greatly reduced.

Second: The high-voltage LED can significantly reduce the AC-DC conversion  efficiency loss. 8W output power as an example,if we use forward voltage is 100V of 4W high voltage LED lamp, the output end can use 2pcs series configuration, 2pcs series LED forward voltage is 200V, that means we only need to use bridge rectifier from 220V mains supply alternating current (AC) and then drop 20V. But if we use 3.2V forward voltage of 1W low voltage LED, that is 8pcs string together, the forward voltage less than 30V. That means we need to drop voltage to 30VDC from 220VAC mains supply. We know that,the more lower of input and output voltage, the conversion efficiency from AC to DC will be higher. If using high voltage LED, the efficiency of the transformer can be greatly improved, thereby significantly reducing the power loss when the AC-DC converters. The heat consumption reduction can be further lower the cost of the heat dissipation shell.

High voltage LED lamp, its matched LED driver has high voltage and low current characteristic, no matter using isolation type driver or non isolation type they all have high efficiency characteristic. Considering the lighting fixture and system cost, we can select appropriate drive type power:

First: using non isolation type LED driver, about the 8W production, we can use the existing driver project, then we can do 93% above efficiency. This project is simple and low cost. But non isolation type project will lead to UL safety certification is hard to pass. Although isolation type driver cost is lower, the cost of safety insulation will be higher for meeting the UL safety standard of lighting fixture. The system cost can't reduce.

Second: YG do a research and use a new isolation type drive technology. The high-voltage LED driver of 8W, 16W, 24W, 36W the maximum efficiency can reach 92%, 93%, 93%, 94%, which is not only meet the requirement of high efficiency for high-voltage LED lamp but also meet isolation type drive, the UL safety is easy to pass. Meanwhile, it meets high power factor above 95%, THD is below 20% and DLC standard.

Therefore, if we use high-voltage LED lamp to develop LED common use lighting fixture production. the total power dissipation will significantly reduce. That will reduce the design requirement for heat dissipation shell. If we can use thinner and lighter aluminium shell which can meet LED lighting fixture heat dissipation requirement, as heat dissipation aluminium shell cost is the main cost component of the lighting fixture, the cost of aluminum shell effectively reduce also means that the cost of the whole LED lighting fixture will effectively reduce.

This shows high voltage LED lamp can effectively reduce the cost and weight of LED lighting fixture. But the most important meaning is that it significantly reduce the design requirement of Cooling system. Thereby it effectively cleared the biggest technical barriers to LED lighting into the interior lighting market. Therefore, the high voltage LED lamp will leading LED high-power lamp lighting fixture market in the future.

The high voltage LED driver for YG new technology will supply guarantee for upcoming high voltage LED lighting fixture.

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