YG newest LY seris 50-200 Watt high efficiency minitype LED driver


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YG newest LY seris 50-200 Watt high efficiency minitype LED driver

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YG newest LY seris 50-200 Watt high efficiency minitype LED driver

After one year of hard work, we developed new generation LY series LED driver with high power, high density, high efficiency and long-life features. The new generation products add lowcost LED driver series in high power products and satisfy lowcost requirement of high power LED driver.

We adopt QR, LLC technology and sixth generation COOLMOS in LY series, this makes electrical energy conversion efficiency up to 95% and reduce inner temperature rise, and finally improve product life.

With 330KHZ ultrahigh frequency resonance and full-wave rectification technology, we achieve no output electrolytic capacitor design and make product lifetime over 1.5 times as much as similar LED products.

The volume of LY series LED driver is 350 cm3, and power density reach 0.62W/cm3 which doubled similar products. Therefore lower product's housing, potting compound and other major components cost.

LY series LED driver adopts Active PFC power factor adjust technology. On condition of full load, power factor reaches 99% at 120V input and 97% at 230V input. Total harmonic THD distortion is less than 15%.

LY series LED driver adopts aluminium housing and heat conduction black glue, bringing down inner temperature and fault rate.

LY series LED driver adopts temperature homogenization design and makes lifetime attain over 10 thousand hours.

LY series LED driver adopts two stage surge absorption circuit and stair arrester, this makes products instant 4KV thunderstrike sustainable and suits exterior lighting requirement.

LY series LED driver possesses extra large input voltage range from 90V to 305V and meets the needs of North America 277V±10% commercial monophase electricity.

LY series LED driver allows large output voltage range up to 445V.

LY series LED driver has 5 types:fixed constant current,fixed constant voltage, 0-10Vdc dimming, PWM dimming and RD potentiometer dimming. Dimming type has suffix –DD, -PD, -RD, and adds 2 control lines. 

LY series LED driver adopts natural cooling technology working at temperature range -30℃~60℃, this supplies the demand of indoors or outdoors working conditions all over the world.

LY series LED driver is equipped with short-circuit protection, overload protection, excess voltage protection and overcurrent protection. We applied UL/CUL/CQC/CE qualification for LY series. LY series can be applied to LED streetlight, LED tunnel lamp, LED projection lamp, outdoors LED signboard, LED decorative lighting, etc. Furthermore, LY series can also be applied in environment that needs dustproof and moistureproof.

      LY series dimension 1: 126mm ( length ) × 59mm ( width ) × 36mm ( height )  ( 50 - 75 Watt)

      LY series dimension 2: 150mm ( length ) × 59mm ( width ) × 36mm ( height )  ( 90 - 100 Watt)

      LY series dimension 3: 170mm ( length ) × 59mm ( width ) × 36mm ( height )  ( 120 - 200 Watt)

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