YG promoting SPC CPK 6σ management


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YG promoting SPC CPK 6σ management

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YG promoting SPC CPK 6σ management

We mainly develop and manufacture : UL certified LED driver, CE certified LED driver, CQC certified LED driver, PWM dimming LED driver, DC dimming LED driver.

YG has up to 296 types UL certified LED driver, 48 types CE certified LED driver, 96 types CQC certified LED driver, and more than 200 types to be certified.

To improve product quality and customer satisfaction, we continually innovate technique and advance new idea.

We select elite staffs to build management team practising SPC,CPK and 6σ.Most of them obtain excellent performance in theory and practice test, after half a month strict training.

Now our quality had increased from 5‰(4σ) to 1.5‰(4.4σ). With redoubled effort, we are trying hard to realize 5σ even 6σ.


YG's short-term goal: reach 5σ from 4.4σ in 3-6 months to satisfy customer demand.


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