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YG Released PSE Approved LED Driver


YG Released PSE Approved LED Driver

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2011/11/17 15:41
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From July 1, 2012, the LED lamp bulb and LED lamp appliance need to stick the round safety mark (PSE), when they enter into Japanese market.

Recently, the LED lamp bulb and LED lighting fixture face a new difficulty when they enter into Japanese market. Japanese economic industry release announcement at April, 2012. They require the LED lamp bulb and LED lamp appliance need to stick round safety mark (PSE), when they enter into Japanese market from July 1, 2012. PSE is the safety mark of Japanese products. The Japanese DENTORL law (appliance equipment and material control method ) provided that 498 kinds of products must pass the safety certificate when they enter into Japanese market.

That means "LED lamp bulb" and "LED lighting fixture" become the control target of <electric appliance safety rule>. The scope of control target is limited to LED lighting fixture and lamp bulb with the rated voltage of 100V-300V and rated power greater than 1 W using 50Hz and 60Hz AC circuit.

Japan is the world's largest LED productions value country. According to statistic, LED market growth rate increase step by step during the trend of energy saving.

The upcoming PSE new rules increase the difficulty to enter the Japanese LED market. According to statistic, pearl river delta focus 80% Chinese LED power supply enterprise. The quantity of power supply and lighting fixture from Shenzhen area have been exported to Japan reach to 1002 batches in 2011. Its total value reach to $50.6095 million. The PSE mark will cause influence to Shenzhen and Chinese relevent exported industry.

Yiguang technology compay will take action to the new PSE rule for the LED power supply that is going to enter Japanese market. We do the positive preparation for the export of Japanese market. we also do PSE diamond authentication for 12 LED power supply series in the early Feb.

The LED power supply from Yiguang is the isolated and independent external model, which is conveninent to use for customers. According to PSE new rule, the external LED power supply need to pass A type of PSE diamond authentication individually, which is the compulsory certification, meanwhile it need to inspect factory.

This is the process for the PSE A type diamond authentication of Yiguang LED power supply:

submit application (COSMOS)


accept and open quotation then tidy monitoring contract


do testing in the lab that authorize by COSMOS and then get the testing report (LCS)


factory verify (LCS)


issue certificate (COSMOS)


authorize to manufacture


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