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CREE said the new technology can breakthrough LED lighting large-scale adoption restriction


CREE said the new technology can breakthrough LED lighting large-scale adoption restriction

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2012/01/12 15:49
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CREE has announced that its light-emitting diode (LED) technology has been a major breakthrough. Allegedly, the company's new LED products will provide more than twice per dollar than traditional LED lumen performance.

Accroding to CREE, the new XT-E LED and eariler XB-D LED, which are based on brand new SiC technology platform, resolve initial cost, the biggest obstacle in large-scale deployment of LED lighting applicition. CREE new XT-E LED lumens per watt (lumens per watt, LPW) performance is twice more than its existing XLamp XP-E LED, under the condition of 85350mA, it's up to 148LPW. XT-E LED size is only 3.45mm x 3.45mm, available in almost all types of lighting applications.

XT-E white light LED is the next generation of CREE XP-E high-efficiency LED products, because customers developing lighting system with the components need only 3,000 hours of XT-E LED LM-80 test data to meet the Energy Star standards, rather than the conventional 6,000-hour test, CREE said.

Senior sales executive of CREE, Mike Watson, said in a statement that XB-D LED with excellent cost performance changed industry game rule. Moreover, with the advent of XT-E LED, CREE makes further efforts in breaking through lighting obstacle, quickening the use of LED by innovative products.

CREE said that under condition of 350 mA 85℃, XT-E white light LED can afford 148 lumen and 148 LPW cold white light(6000 K) performance, or 114 lumen and 114 LPW warm white light(3000 K) performance.New components are now available for samples, and are mass-produced.


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