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Position recruitment


Position recruitment

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R & D Engineer 8          Expiration Date:2013.12.30

Bachelor degree, two years of experience in research and development of power supply;

 Quality Control Engineer 2          Expiration Date: 2013.12.30

College degree or above, two years of related working experience

 Market Coordinator 2          Expiration Date: 2013.12.30

Senior high school degree, good presentation skill, good communication skill, passionate and open-minded

No.575 Gushu Road, Bao'a District, Shenzhen, China
+86 755 27850656 (Tech.)
+86 755 27850525 (Sales)
+86 755 23289631

Skype 1:YG-wgm (Tech.)
Skype 2:YG.service (Sales)

QQ 1:591454232 (Tech.)
QQ 2:3132420015 (Sales)
QQ 3:1302388748 (Sales)


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